Our Partners

Our Affiliation and Partnering Organizations

We are an independent Church, lead by a team of pastors, with a lead pastor that chairs the board.

We are affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC). Click here to visit FIEC website

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

We also Partner with the following organizations:

Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS):

We are Certified by CCPAS and take child protection and the protection of vulnerable persons very seriously. We apply the training and guidance from CCPAS, to deliver safe and professional services like, Sunday School, Youth Service, Saturday tuition classes etc. Please click here to go to the CCPAS website

The British Army

The British Army come and recruit the youth that have troubled backgrounds. They train and give an opportunity to students to become professionals in various fields. Please click here to enroll.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

We partner with CAP to run the Job Club, which is aimed at empowering the unemployed with the knowledge and skills they need to get back into employment. Please click here to go to the CAP website. The Job Club will start in February 2018.

Trussel Trust

We are currently in discussion with the Trussel Trust, to organize a food bank. When the facilities become available, the Food Bank will become operational and will be operated by us in collaboration with Trussel Trust. Please click here to get to the Trussel Trust website