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The Word of God clearly says that if we ask, we will receive, but our experiences say that we’ve asked and have not received. So where is the truth? The answer to that question probably will surprise you, but the two ascertainments are certainly right. John 4:24 says “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” God operates in the spiritual realm, that’s where He responds to our prayers, but the manifestation of these answers requires our faith.

Faith looks for what is in the spiritual realm and brings it into the physical realm. It’s essentially what Hebrews 11:1 reveals: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This verse does not say that faith is a demonstration of what doesn’t exist. These things, in which we believe, exist, but they aren’t in the physical realm nor visible; they are in the spiritual realm and invisible. Faith penetrates the spiritual realm and brings these things into the physical realm. This is a powerful force that we can depend on to make things happen for us. The things we desire do not remain a mere fiction or fantasy with this power.

This divine gift of faith originates from God and you can use it to change the world around you. The faith within you can help you to move mountains.

Open your heart to discover the faith within you, and look into our online giving programs. We also offer you.

The Lord Jesus Christ says:

“I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you,” Matthew 17:20


At House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church (HMCA), we are committed to helping you unlock and build the faith within you that allows you to break chains and take control over diseases, poverty, unhealthy relationships, and problems, and move closer to your purpose & destiny.

We help you to do this through our challenging, thought-provoking sermons & devotionals, which include daily meditation, Wednesday Youth Service, Thursday prayer meeting, Friday night Bible study, and Sunday Worship Service, amongst others.

We invite and encourage you to browse through the HMCA website to find out more about how we help you recognize and become aware of He that lives within you, so that you are healed and entering into the life God has destined for you.

We would welcome any contribution to our online giving programs that help us transform people’s lives through the message of Jesus Christ.

House of mercy history

In the Bible, the virtues of mercy and compassion are mentioned in various forms hundreds of times, especially in describing God’s nature. Instead of giving us what we deserve, God has shown mercy again and again, not to take away our responsibility, but to give us a chance to repent and be saved. We can ask ourselves: What have we done with that opportunity?

The pool of Bethesda (which translates to House of Mercy), was a place where sick people went in the hope of being healed miraculously. Today, many people go to Lourdes in France for exactly the same reason. It was believed that every now and then an angel would stir the water up, and the first person in after that would be healed.

Jesus tells the man in verse 14, “Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you!” Here is Jesus’ final shock for us. There is something worse than being an invalid for 38 years! Our society doesn’t think so. For many, illness is the worst thing imaginable. And so people crave after any sort of healing – through conventional medicine, through alternative therapies, through faith healers. Jesus says there is something far more serious than illness, however bad that illness is. And that something is all connected with this word “sin”.

So, since 2015, at HMCA, we have committed to open our hearts to others, friends and strangers alike, and learn to love selflessly, as we have been loved. We proclaim to whoever listens to us that JESUS SAVES AND HEALS.


The world is filled with diseases, poverty, unhealthy relationships, and selfishness. At House of Mercy Assembly Church (HMCA), we want to help you unlock your faith and guide you on how to build it up. With your faith greater than ever, you’ll break from the chains and move closer to your true purpose and destiny.

We want to help people become aware that He lives within all of us. With our help, you’ll recognise His presence inside you so that you can heal and walk the path that God intended. Enter the life that was destined for you.

The History of HMCA

In the Bible, the virtues of mercy and compassion have been repeated hundreds of times. God is merciful and compassionate, we make mistakes, and instead of punishing us, He shows us mercy again and again. We’re given a chance to repent and be saved repeatedly, and He doesn’t take away our responsibility. What do we do with the opportunity He gives us again and again?

People have always looked for miracles. Once, the sick went to the pool of Bethesda to be healed miraculously. Today, many people head to Lourdes in France in search of the same miracles. It was strongly believed that sometimes the angel would stir the water, and the first person in would be blessed with healing.

If your faith is as strong as a mustard seed, we proclaim, and you likely already know that:


Since 2015, HMCA has worked to help you commit to opening your heart to others, friends and strangers alike. HMCA wants to help you learn how to love selflessly as God loves us.


For A Good Deed, Help The One In Need

HMCA operates two key service area functions: Religious Faith Sermons and Events – Ministry providing a safe environment that enables people from diverse backgrounds to develop a sense of purpose in Faith. Community Engagement Programme – Delivers free community-based services providing educational support, training and inclusion for local people from deprived communities. Food Bank: A grocery bag can save a soul. Help us to provide practical support to people in crisis .

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