About Us

Who We Are And What Is Our Mission?

HMCA derives its name from the Hebrew word Bethesda which means ‘house of mercy.’ It was believed that every now and then when an angel would stir the water from the pool of Bethesda, an opportunity was given to an individual to immerse themselves and be cured of any disease they may have.

Conceived in early 2015 in East London, HMCA’s mission is to empower people to transform their circumstances in a sustainable and holistic way, using the resources God has given them. We look to ensure this by helping you build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that you can be transformed by God’s grace from darkness to light.

Our History

House of Mercy Christian Assembly (HMCA) was originally set up in 2015 in the East of London within the London Borough in Newham. based on the story of Bethesda in John: 5. All across the local communities, kids, teenagers, and young adults are looking for mature men and women in their faith who can show them what it means to follow Jesus. In 2019, HMCA moved to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Gascoigne Road, where premises used are rented; delivering services to the local community. In 2019, HMCA, received funding from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham in recognition of community work undertaken and also from organizations and philanthropists. HMCA continues to work in partnership with local stakeholders and religious organization’s addressing issues of inequalities and deprivation and contributing to solution and changes.

Our Guiding Beliefs

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