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It is not always possible to attain deep abiding peace; this is a rhythm in human life and affairs. We lose and gain synchronization with God as emotions born out of circumstances crest and ebb.

God desires that we carry his assurance with us rather than withdrawing into seclusion to avoid the confusion and disturbance inseparable from active life. He wants to wrap the problems of this discord-laden world with a scintillating blanket of balance so that we may see them in perspective and peace.

Our goals aren’t uncertain even though our work outcome is. Peace penetrates and impregnates our soul with confidence even though we perceive the world through a dark glass. We are unaware of where the road leads us to but God’s love rests upon us and he rewards us and cleanses us from within.

At House of Mercy Christian Assembly, we look to empower women through targeted teachings, conferences, and meetings that help women to fulfill their purpose in life, which is being good mothers, keeping the family connected and nurturing the next generation of God-loving Christians.

The Lord says:And so train the young women to love their husbands and children,” Titus 2:4

finding peace in the service of others

Recognizing that we serve and honor our Father in heaven, we work together with greater initiative and enthusiasm to serve our fellows in lasting ways. Service to others is the expression of our spiritual lives, while faith is its foundation. Open hearts, inspire minds and leave others better by our presence each day through God’s leading.

We know God’s wisdom and power are sufficient for any problem and by his grace, we save ourselves, thus we do not burden ourselves with the responsibility of all struggling humanity.

We are not lead to indifference or resignation over the plight of others but only the fact that we are not personally accountable for others’ welfare; it frees our minds from futile worry and we work all the harder with our faith in God helping us to surge seas and circumstance.

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