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Why You Should Bring Your Children to Church

The proper understanding of religion is of utmost importance if you want to become a good Christian. Getting exposure to the right knowledge at the right time goes a long way in this regard.

Having a strong foundation at the core is vital for any structure to be built upon it, and for the knowledge of Christianity to be present in a person, they need to have the basics cemented in them. One way of doing that is bringing your young ones to the church.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Learn the benefits you and your children will reap by bringing them to the church along with you.

A young boy holding the bible

Instil Morals and Ethics

The etiquette of behaving a certain way in a church will help create an acceptable behavioural pattern in children. Children can sometimes behave erratically, so rather than taking a stricter route; you can expose them to an environment of a church where discipline is encouraged and adhered to.

Establishes Importance of Church Service

Like with any other ritual, children will also start to develop and understand the importance of going to a church service before they fully understand what it entails. This can help create a sense of belonging to that place for children and help them build the foundation to enhance their knowledge of the religion further.

Easy to Memorize Prayers

Research has shown us that children’s brains function so that they can memorize and learn new things faster than some adults.

So, whether it’s the typical Saturday music school or a regular prayer session, children can memorize prayers and church songs easily and continue to have them memorized later on in their lives.

A parent attends church service with her daughters

Creates a Sense of the Community

Attending church service with dozens of other people helps foster an environment of unity and togetherness. If children see this when they’re young, they’ll always be comfortable interacting with people and developing good social skills.

At HMCA, we have a children’s ministry aimed to help children understand the teachings of God. From stories about Jesus to Bible coaching, we impart children with the knowledge that they’ll always cherish throughout their lives.

To enrol your child in our Sunday school service, get in touch with us.