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A man being baptised in the water

What is Baptism? Its Meaning & Importance in Christianity

Baptism teaching is one of the most primary procedures for Christians worldwide. Teachings on baptism tell us that we announce the gospel’s message as we embrace baptism. Jesus sacrificed his life for the world’s sins and was buried and shall rise from the dead once again to save us all. Christians identify themselves with Him by going through the process of baptism.

Baptism—the Significance for Christians

Baptism that is done for The Father, The Son, and the Spirit is what distinguishes it as “Christian” baptism. This ritual is essential for a person to be accepted into the Church and its entire fellowship. When we’re baptised, we allow Jesus Christ to enter our hearts through the soul and save us from eternal damnation.

Baptism is important because it symbolises the forgiveness that follows from believing in Jesus Christ for the purification of our hearts from all that’s evil in the world.  Baptism is a public declaration of one’s belief and faith in the gospel’s message. It also represents the sinner’s acceptance into the Christian society and the Church.

Simply put, baptism is an external indication of an interior transformation in a Christian’s life. While baptism is strongly connected with being saved, it isn’t a condition for salvation. The sequence of events in the Bible regarding faith and baptism is as follows: 

1) A person has faith and utter belief in Jesus Christ.

2) They get baptised

In the light of the word of God, the Bible says: “Those who embraced [Peter’s] word were baptised,” in relevance to Act 2:41 and Acts 16:14–15.

Relation of Baptism to Jesus

Baptism is the acceptance of life in the path of Jesus Christ.

  • It denotes a change of heart from a previous sinful life to being reborn to a new life to be followed in the name of Christ.
  • It indicates that we openly associate ourselves with the Death of Christ, burial, and resurrection.
  • It implies that we publicly declare to follow in Jesus Christ’s footsteps.

You are visually proclaiming the gospel during baptism. As you await baptism while standing in the water, you symbolise Jesus’ sacrificial death. And when you’re dropped in the water, you represent Jesus’ burial in His tomb. And lastly, when you rise, you symbolise Jesus’s resurrection back to life.

And, since you’re getting baptised, you’re also declaring the death of your past life in Christ’s name.

 A young person in white being baptised in a lake

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