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Kid reading the Holy Bible

The Benefits of Bible Coaching for Kids

Kid reading the Holy Bible

Kids, especially those aged 2-7, have an enhanced ability to learn and retain information. This makes them very quick learners, and they’re easily able to grasp new things and adapt to new settings. Bible coaching can help your kids learn values and strengthen their faith from a young age. Here are some benefits of Bible coaching for your kids.


Teaches them about Life

Teaching kids about important life values, decisions and struggles is very important in encouraging their thinking skills and emotional growth. The Bible features plenty of stories that depict these values and struggles that your child can learn from. The story of the Prophet David and his struggle against King Saul is one such example of a story that can teach kids about struggles they might encounter in life.


Provides them with Guidance

Bible coaching can also guide children and teach them how to distinguish between right and wrong. What is and is not a sin is explicitly stated in the Bible, and by studying it, children can learn about things they should and shouldn’t do. The commandments and teachings within the Bible can act as important life lessons for kids and prevent them from deviating from the path of righteousness and going astray.

A person praying with the Holy Bible

Brings them Closer to God

The Bible helps children understand God and what He is like. Once they are aware of His existence, by continuing to study the Bible, they gradually come closer to God and strengthen their faith in Him. Bible study encourages kids to put their faith and trust in the Lord, and with Him by their side, they can overcome any challenge. This helps them grow as individuals.

Bible coaching can guide children about religion and all aspects of life from a very young age. If you’re looking for a place for your kids to receive bible coaching, we have just the people for you.

House of Mercy Christian Assembly is a ministry training and bible school that enlightens people about the word of Christ. We do this through our Christian youth camps, all-night prayer vigils, bible coaching, Christian marriage counselling, church Sunday service, and more.

We have a variety of community projects for you to volunteer at, or you could help raise funds for a church building. You can contact us here to learn more.