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Surprising Benefits of Attending Bible Study Groups

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When we’re joining a Bible study group, most of us assume we’re only going to learn about God’s word and strengthen our faith. However, there are plenty of unexpected benefits of attending a bible study group.

Read on to find out what they are.

They Offer Accountability

When we start studying the Bible at home,  we want to stick reading it a bit every day. We also want to ponder over the teachings of God and use them to make a change our everyday life. However, that’s not how it usually works out. One distraction follows the next and very soon, our Bible study plans don’t really pan out.

That isn’t the case if you’re in a Bible study group. Your group members hold you accountable for not doing your part. Moreover, the leader prays for the spiritual growth of the group and encourages you to keep the Bible in perspective at all times. Attending consistently gives most people the opportunity to share and reflect on the Bible and discuss how the concepts apply in real life.

Sense of Community

Although your relationship with God is personal, you can strengthen it with the help of other people. When you’re in a group, you have access to other people who have been through the same trials as you. They can advise you on what to do and how to overcome your challenges by reading and discussing God’s word.

It Offers Encouragement

Perhaps you know someone who has lost a dear one but continues to put aside their grief and focus on helping others. Perhaps you have a friend who has faced several trials but still takes out time to pray for others instead of focusing on her battles.

You can sit with them and learn from their examples. You can see how their actions affect your faith. You’ll also find that you have the strength to overcome any challenges of life with Christ’s help—just as your peers are.

If you’re looking for Friday bible study, we’re here to help you. We also offer Christian marriage counselling, Christian concerts, Church Sunday service, and more. We believe that our life’s purpose is only revealed through Christ and by doing what is right and helping others, we create meaning for others and have a relationship with Jesus. Contact us to learn more.