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Person getting baptised according to baptism teachings

Separating the Truth from False Doctrine: Debunking Baptism Myths

Baptism is indeed the way to find your way back to God by removing all your sins! However, people have spread many baptism teachings that aren’t in line with the Bible’s teachings. In fact, these sayings are far from the truth, and many people spread them for malicious reasons.

Scroll down to read some baptism myths and their truth. It’s high time we separate actual teachings from false doctrine.

Person getting baptised according to baptism teachings

People Need to Schedule Baptisms

Many people choose to believe that they have to schedule Baptisms. However, the truth mentioned in the New Testament says otherwise. In the New Testament, believers got baptised soon after hearing Jesus Christ’s gospel. This was a way for them to get forgiveness for their past sins, as mentioned in Acts 2:36-47, 8:26-40, and 16:11-15.

The point of Baptism is to wash away your sins. Instead, you should get baptised as soon as possible, as life in unpredictable. There’s no reason one should wait to get forgiveness for all their sins.

You Should Baptise Babies and Young Children 

Do you need to baptise young children and babies? The answer is no! Babies are innocent and free from all sin. Moreover, young children don’t know how to differentiate between right and wrong, and parents need to teach them. Therefore, baptising them isn’t recommended.

In Matthew 18:3, the Bible says, “And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” This indicates that human beings must be sinless and pure like children to enter paradise, and clearly explains that children are already free of sins.

Baptism Includes Sprinkling

The word ‘baptise’ originates from the Greek word ‘baptizo,’ which means ‘to immerse, submerge, or make wet.’ Therefore, the myth about sprinkling water as a form of Baptism has no ground!

Sprinkling doesn’t cover a person’s whole body, and thus, it doesn’t really make much sense. Moreover, the New Testament has no examples of people getting baptised by getting water sprinkled on their bodies.

Catholic teachings on baptism ask you to submerge in the water fully

If you’re practising the catholic teaching on baptism, you should do it right! Therefore, we encourage you to join Christian conferences and Church Sunday services at the House of Mercy Christian Assembly.

With these in-depth discussions and Bible studies, you can separate the truth from the false doctrine. Get in touch with us, and know the baptism teachings before getting baptised.