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Online Giving and Volunteering

Know that God’s will for you is simple. It is giving your best efforts towards loving God and all of mankind under all circumstances and is not about finding the perfect job or place to live in.

The basic principle of God’s will is simply choosing the course of action, which has the element of love present in it in abundance while putting all your trust in God. You are free to make your own decisions and God does not interfere in that.

Your past mistakes may make you think that you have missed the chance for seeking redemption from God but worry not God loves you unconditionally and you can always trust God to seek redemption for your mistakes and make decisions from there in that have the element of love in them.

You can also help us spread God’s message and love, when you donate to our church through online giving programs.

show your gratitude to god

God pours your life constantly with gifts, even if at times you think otherwise. It is important that you are thankful to God for providing you with all these gifts. If you want to heal the pain, you suffered due to your past experiences you must show gratitude towards God and the universe.

Showing gratitude to God will fill your soul with light, and the light will heal all of your past pains. Perhaps, the best way to show this gratitude is by doing your part to spread God’s love, message, and mercy to all four corners of the world. At House of Mercy Christian Assembly, we invite you to join us in our mission to transform lives and restore destinies through the power of God’s love. You can help through one of the following ways.


We welcome any monetary help from you that makes it easier for us to fulfill our mission. Any contribution you make will be allocated to church operations and the different projects we run for community upliftment.


We need volunteers to successfully carry out our mission. Volunteers are assigned to different duties, including projects, Ministries, and departments.

partner with us

We invite you to become our convent partner if you are willing to set up payments that ensure reliable and constant support for the ministry.

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