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Here’s How a Christian Marriage Counsellor Can Help

According to statistics, about 42 per cent of marriages in the UK end up in a divorce. While some couples decide to cut the ties due to the lack of commitment in the union, inconsistencies, and unrealistic expectations—others try to work it out through couples therapy. One of these counselling sessions that Christian couples prefer to attend is Christian marriage counselling.  

What’s Christian Marriage Counselling?

Christian marriage counselling is like any other couple’s therapy with the difference that the counsellor and their modalities are religious instead of secular. They’ll try to solve the marriage’s problems based on scriptures and teachings of the Bible. They will assess the marital situation, compare it with the ideal married life from a religious perspective, and then provide solutions illuminated by the light of the word of God.

Marriage counsellors who are Christians look at life from the perspective of the Bible. As a result, the causes and remedies to one’s marital troubles are largely inspired by God’s word—instead of being followed by culture, psychology, or science. 

Knowledge of the Bible and the ability to rely on one’s connection with God to adhere to its prescriptions for thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and conduct are essential “tools” in Christian marital therapy.

How do Christian Counsellors View Marriage

A Christian counsellor will see a marriage from the perspective of how God made the relationship, i.e., holy and pure. A secular marriage counsellor may not agree with the religious notion of the relationship and perceive it as a fusion between two individuals and the societal value it constitutes.

They may focus on the commitment of marriage as the cornerstone of a society or a family.  Marriage requires effort and hard work, so both the individuals in a marriage must be encouraged to persevere. In contrast, secular counsellors may promote a liberal perspective that augments personal desire above Biblical principles and undermine the faithfulness required to solve marital issues.

Benefits of Christian Marriage Counselling

Healthy Discussion of Marriage

You may learn healthy problem-solving techniques. You may communicate effectively in marital therapy, which will assist you not just to listen, but also contemplate and comprehend what your spouse is saying.

Discover the Strength of your Marriage

Choosing a counsellor who has a Biblical viewpoint guarantees that your religious values are upheld and that the solution for the marriage is well within the guidance of God and His plan.  Even if you’re directed towards a more meaningful marriage, your problems will be treated with compassion.

Learn about the History

A Christian marriage counselling includes sessions where the couples are told about previous religious instances where a marriage was hanging on by a thread but was kept together just because it was the will of God.

God holds the relationship of marriage dear. It’s one of the oldest notions in religion when God made Eve out of Adam’s ribs and declared her his partner for life. (Gen. 2:18, 21-24)

Let Christian Counselling Centre save your Marriage

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