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We love because Christ loved us first. We strive to love others just like our Father in heaven as we increasingly value others as beloved sons and daughters of God. The soul of hungry man was for loving and is satisfied with nothing less, the reason why our hearts long to love our fellows and quenching this yearning is not possible.

Lend us a helping hand through your donations for our church building fund, and let us help others.

The question arises how do we love others as our Father loves us? How to love as parents love their children? How can we make love last, and how do we begin to love? From an unknown place deep within, for unknown reasons it begins.

The more loving we are toward others ignites love itself as that love is returned, amplified in the mutual experience, creating in its object the compulsion to reciprocate. Fire alone did not give birth to the universe, but it was love that made it happen – God’s love. An inner urge of life, Love is a mighty force resonating with universal power from on high, promising new life and a renewed self. By God’s light we see.

Help US spread god’s love and mercy

As the Lord of the universe reveals himself and finds expression the cloud of unknowing parts, and golden rays bathe the giver and receiver of love. Indifference or hate is the absence of love. All relationships, apart from love are meaningless, futile, and deceptive.
We see into the heart of God at the moment of creation as we are complete, our powers restored, ancient swamps drained, and shrouds lifted in the Father’s love.

God is Love. We bridge the chasm between what we are and what we can become with the help of love. Without love we are empty, trapped in a debtor’s prison of negativity and despair as it gives us all we have and are.

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God,” John 4:7

At House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church, we are on a mission to spread God’s love and mercy to all his people. You can help us in this mission by supporting the following projects of HMCA that aim to improve lives in one of the most diverse parts of London:

Primary and Secondary School Tuition

House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church offers tuition for English, Science, and Math to students of key stages 2, 3, & 4. These tuition classes are conducted on Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm for the following age groups:

9 to 10-year-olds



Food bank

House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church will soon run a food rank to help families struggling to feed themselves.  For more information, click here. Also, you can support us by clicking on the GiveNow button.

cap job club

HMCA is authorized by Christians against Poverty (CAP) to deliver its national Job Club scheme.   The purpose of the CAP Job Club is to equip people currently without a job with the skills and knowledge they need to improve their employment chances.

Music school

The Ministry of Music at HMCA runs a music school that aims to spread God’s love and wisdom through music.  

Church building

Our current location does not allow us to run all our projects successfully. We welcome any monetary help that can help us acquire a building that provides us with sufficient space to run our Food Bank, Dance, Music School, and other projects efficiently.

adult english classes

We offer English language classes to adults coming from Easter Europe and other non-English speaking countries to the UK. The classes are conducted by a trained and experienced professional.

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