Food Bank

Poor physical and mental health, particularly with chronic conditions, are closely correlated with food insecurity. The main long-term remedy for alleviating food insecurity is by creating food banks.

The goal of the HMCA Food Bank is to supplement the basic food requirements of our community by offering a variety of wholesome foods in a friendly environment.
People will be handled with respect and given the meals available from our Food Bank that are most suited for themselves and their families.

HMCA truly believes Food Banks are one of the most effective and economical methods to ensure more needy people are fed and that more philanthropic money is used to address the issues arising from impoverishment. Food that would otherwise go to waste is gathered and given out by food banks from every link in the supply chain, from farmers to supermarket manufacturers and merchants.

Along with decreasing hunger, we want to stimulate the local economy in the places they serve by hiring local volunteers and buying goods and services from neighbourhood suppliers. Donations of food are particularly important since they allow low-income households to free up funds for other essential needs.

Let us come together and contribute generously in this project