Prayer and Deliverance Ministry

Prayer and Deliverance Ministry

The ministry aims to help you act on God’s will through prayer and deliverance. Our source of infinite love is our heavenly Father, who created and sustained us. We need to ask God to give us the peace our hearts crave and take us fully into His kingdom. We need to ask Him to help us to disappear into His infinity and also dip our battered spoons into the ocean of His love so that we may emerge reconstructed.

The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.
Psalm 34:17

At HMCA, we help you connect to God and achieve everlasting peace through daily prayer and meditation. We need to let God know that we love Him and long to love Him more. God controls the comings and goings of all things and is the beginning and the end. We need to ask God to help us follow Him in happy times as we know we must in the blast of the storm and to give us peace so that we may feel secure as we strive to do His will in the turmoil of life.

The ministry also looks to to perform the following:

  • Help in developing a more consistent prayer life as well as give you a way to see God’s answers to your prayers.
  • Demonstrate what prayer should look like and show people how to make praying for their unreached friends a consistent and urgent plea before the throne of God.
  • Inspire individuals to become a minister of Christ. Teach students who can effectively govern and grow deliverance.

Message from the Ministry

The seat of our trust and hope, as well as, our most closely held values base around Christ. As we develop our connection with God, we grow in wisdom and love as it brings purpose and meaning to our lives.

We experience a sense of connection to all of life, a deep reverence for Christ, and a sense of awe. Moments of spontaneous worship and prayers of gratitude move us. A life of trust and service is what God calls us to.

We connect when our our spiritual life is vibrant and well nurtured. Extending love to all the people and things that inhabit the planet we live in and to our Creator and our heavenly Father: God is what this connection means. By expanding our hearts with compassion toward all the divine connections takes us beyond our egoistic lives.