Music Ministry

Music Ministry

The ministry of music supports the sermons delivered to the congregation through song and worship. If you are content to provide guidance to people by increasing their understanding of Jesus and truly believe in music as an approach to praise the Lord and Saviour then look no further and become a member.

Discipline is required for you to use the spiritual power to get what you desire or if you wish to move the mountains in your life. This often involves meditation. While some choose quiet reflection when they are alone, others use music to calm their soul.

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Psalm 95:1

The aim of the music ministry at HMCA is to foster social encounters, interaction, and cooperation amongst the students while aiding their cognitive development and boosting their levels of self-confidence using the power of music.

The ministry will provide the following to its members:

  • To teach each student how music brings us close to Christ.
  • Plan, implement and coordinate worship services on a weekly basis that are carefully aligned and amplify the preaching of the divine Word.
  • Recruitment and development of new musicians
  • Providing music services to the church and special events throughout the year.

Message from the Ministry

We look to use arts education as a vehicle to educate and help students to change their behaviour. We believe art is going to help students express themselves positively. In innovative and beneficial ways, students will pick-up new capabilities, learn new skills, and share ideas and opinions.

Music, which is a form of art, is proven to aid the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the youth. By attending our music ministry, the youth will develop emotional maturity as they will become aware of their qualities and will have a way to express them.

At a time when imaginative thinking, dynamic problem solving, and versatility is held in high esteem and required to thrive in today’s economy, our music ministry will utilize one of the most effective methods for cultivating these qualities.