Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Men can overcome hurdles and accomplish anything they desire with the divine power of the Holy Spirit. By spreading the word of God among fellow Christians, men are encouraged to pursue righteousness and be at their best when handling their affairs. The need of having our men to understand God’s plan for our lives is tremendous. The true essence of living with a purpose and the impact He has on our lives is what the ministry aims to achieve. We hope to see all brothers overcome the challenges of being husbands, fathers, and community leaders in the modern world.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

The trials in your life are God’s way of asking you to show patience. Showing patience in this time of adversity will only help us grow and work our way towards achieving eternal solace. We use patience to overcome the challenges and make use of the opportunity in this period of trial. Being patient helps us to develop a deeper understanding of God’s will and the purpose He wants us to serve.

The men’s ministry at HMCA aims to reach and support every man in the church as well as the local community in their journey of becoming living disciples of Jesus Christ. The ministry wants men of all ages to develop the correct spiritual fellowship. We have leaders that encourage believers to attain spiritual growth and achieve success by learning from one another.

Our members will be given the following support from the ministry:

  • Training and developing men to take up Christian leadership roles.
  • Providing a Christ-centered environment where men can pray together and learn from one another.
  • Making disciples of Jesus by having Bible studies and courses readily available.
  • Create a space where men can bond and create lasting relationships in their quest to serve Christ together.
  • Holding mission trips and events and giving men the opportunity to serve the community.
  • Mentoring isolated men and bringing them closer to faith.
  • Tending to any issues that are impacting life such as marriage or work.

Message from the Ministry

The universal truth is that adversity makes you into a better person. We are refined through fire by going through the pain and endeavors of our life where we need to take a heroic stance. It is through these trials that we can wash away the insignificant parts of our lives and make our faith stronger and brighter.

This helps us mirror the divine image present within our soul. All of this helps us to walk the road alongside God. We respond more to the divine voice that comes from within us at times of agony and affliction than we do in the “supposed” times of relief. For us to listen to our inner lives we need to encompass ourselves with humility.

The refining process may seem hard and cruel to you, but this is what brings about the change in you and your life. The process is what God uses to refine our soul and fill it with faith, strength, and usefulness.

The imitation pieces among us may get lost during this period of being refined through fire and lose their faith in God but the genuine stones among us and those with the true perspective will come through it and sparkle as they should.