Marriage and Parenting Ministry

Marriage and Parenting Ministry

The ministry is all about building connections with new couples, parents, and children. We develop a form an engagement that will lead to a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with God, the scripture, and the church.

Families serve as the backbone of human society. Christians value the familial bond of love, which forms the basis of a sound society. However, in an increasingly secularized world, some people question the traditional definition of marriage and parenting. This poses a serious challenge to the social institutions of the family.


A deacon must be faithful to his wife and must manage his children and his household well.
1 Timothy 3:12

HMCA has formed this ministry to ensure families are engaged with the church and are directed to walk with Christ and seek to the word of God. We believe this will increase faith within our communities and allow us to grow together. Our experienced mentors have the skills and expertise that can adapt to the challenges and needs of every family.

Our services include but are limited to the following:

  • Provide counseling to parents as they raise and groom their children. Teaching Christian values is vital and workshops can be set up to help couples.
  • Guiding men and women who have chosen to get married or those who already are married to live a happy life. Conducting talks that will explain the mention of relationships in the scripture.
  • Visiting families and bringing the church to their homes. Having children live a purposeful life in alliance with Christ means faith must be practiced in their homes and not just in the church.
  • Become a facilitator between parents and children when they have conversions with one another.

Message from the Ministry

God’s purpose for marriage is to create families in which children have the benefit of parents who provide the best upbringing possible. For this to occur, parents must fulfill their duties. We need to ask God to reveal Himself to the children of His spiritual quest as the heavens reveal His sovereign power, and His Spirit descends to inspire all who seek. We see the wisdom of God’s calling and the excellence of his plan. We are learning God’s will and His peace rests upon us.

All relationships are established and developed by means of communication. Even God used verbal and then written communication to establish a relationship with His bride, the church. The church can only grow spiritually as it studies and implements God’s word. When Christians do not read the Bible or pray, their relationship stagnates. They need divine revelation if they are to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.