Education Ministry

Education Ministry

The educational division of the church has proven to be a powerful instrument for establishing and strengthening faith. HMCA administers and coordinates a teaching series to facilitate people of all ages to understand the true purpose of existence. We want our faithful believers to grow more spiritually and become disciples of Christ. For the benefit of our community, we also offer tuition classes to children in English, mathematics, science, and music.


Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.
Proverbs 9:9

The teaching series is divided into three parts and aims to convey the following:

  • The Word of God


We help you understand the word of God so that you may find your true purpose in life. Many people try to gain happiness through accumulation. When they fail to accumulate money, attain status, strength, and honor, and derive gratification from a sense fulfillment, they lament and weep, envying those who succeed in doing so.

Even when they achieve these things, they struggle to find peace of mind because of persistent fear of losing what they have earned, or because their demands have intensified for more money, higher status, more power, and greater enjoyment in life.

Their wants are never-ending. Therefore, understanding God’s Will for you is important so that you do not waste your time on things that can never bring you true happiness and satisfaction.

  • Who is Jesus?

We help Christians follow the path of Jesus Christ by teaching, which he is, the path he has chosen for us, and how we can fill our lives with his light. Embrace each day of your life as a gift from God and fill it with completeness.

Even though past pains may continue to haunt you, making you feel hopeless, it is better for you to embrace your life as a gift from God to eliminate those frustrating and painful experiences once and for all. Letting the light of Jesus Christ enter your soul will help you to overcome the pain and afflictions in your life.

  • Encounters with Jesus

We teach you how you can get the most out of your encounters with Jesus by narrating the stories in the Bible and elsewhere that show us how the lives of people were changed after they had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Thus it is important to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit that tells you to trust Christ. Jesus wants you to seek redemption and forget about the guilt that haunts you and wants to heal you. It is important to break this cycle of unwanted act by sharing your regrets with God.

Message From the Ministry

Faith often begins with questions regarding life and its purpose. Men, women, and children need to learn the true purpose of their existence otherwise rampant materialism, which threatens the basic foundations of society, will continue unchecked.

We encourage all individuals to take part in the teaching series and discover the true meaning and purpose of life.