Church Building

Church buildings make an excellent evangelistic tool. Anyone looking for a place to go and obtain knowledge about faith turns to His home. Most people that attend congregation discover and feel Christ within and grow spiritually. A Church provides everyone with an opportunity to overcome the challenges and debilitating conditions in our lives through prayer, meditation, engagement with community members, and wealth sharing.

Building a church facility is rooted in HMCA’s mission. We want people to gather together and provide them regular fellowship time, sharing their experiences and life. We aspire to actually be a family where every member feels important, welcomed, and accepted. Having a larger church also enables us to accommodate more people, share our enthusiasm about the work that God is doing with and through us, and we wish to share this blessing with others.

HMCA welcomes any assistance and support that can help us in spreading God’s message and love. As such, we accept any monetary help that can help us acquire a new, bigger facility that provides us with sufficient space to run our Food Bank, Dance classes, Music School, and other projects efficiently.

We thank you for your continued support!