Calendar Events

As our true or eternal purpose reveals itself through Christ, our lives are filled with brilliance and with new meaning. We see joyous events not as merely coincidental but feel them as God’s love for us. We do what is right and we learn to act on our Christocentric beliefs; at such times the Holy Spirit reveals Himself to us and we see God.

Organized events, such as a church fête, conference, or concert are a great way to celebrate the work of the church and bring new people into the HMCA family. They often provide an opportunity to raise much-needed funds too. From Saturday School to Friday Bible Study, and Wednesday Church Youth Service, we involve our community all the time.

At House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church, we hold specific events during the year that look to fill people’s lives with God’s grace; God’s grace is our source of life and is what propels us to achieve and learn to love. It assures us that God has taken responsibility for our well-being and of those that are near and dear to us. This page gives you a brief overview of our events and activities at HMCA and directs you to more detail regarding these.

The Lord says:

And so train the young women to love their husbands and children,
Titus 2:4

Weekly Schedule

The following events are observed weekly at House of Mercy Christian Assembly:

Our Christian Events

The following Christian events are observed and celebrated at House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church: