Teenagers participating in Christian youth camps

3 Important Ways Christian Youth Camps Help Teenagers

In the summer, many religious organisations and churches organise youth camps for children of all ages. It’s commonly known that

Person getting baptised according to baptism teachings

Separating the Truth from False Doctrine: Debunking Baptism Myths

Baptism is indeed the way to find your way back to God by removing all your sins! However, people have

4 Bible Verses About Grief to Help You Cope with Loss

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know the pain of the grief that comes with it. People have

A man being baptised in the water

What is Baptism? Its Meaning & Importance in Christianity

Baptism teaching is one of the most primary procedures for Christians worldwide. Teachings on baptism tell us that we announce the gospel’s

A mother and son praying together in a Church

6 Ways to Help Your Child Connect with God

The present time is the era of unprecedented distraction. With technology being readily available for people at all times, especially

Here’s How a Christian Marriage Counsellor Can Help

According to statistics, about 42 per cent of marriages in the UK end up in a divorce. While some couples

The Valuable Benefits of Bible Education

Bible is the word of God. It contains the virtues of this world and the life beyond. It’s a complete

a man praying to God

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With The Lord

Getting closer to God is not only about praying and worshipping. You must also follow His teachings and live your

a person holding a donation box

4 Ways Of Living Your Life According To Bible

You came into this world to fulfill a purpose; the purpose of serving, praying, and following the path of God.

Kid reading the Holy Bible

The Benefits of Bible Coaching for Kids

Kids, especially those aged 2-7, have an enhanced ability to learn and retain information. This makes them very quick learners,