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A mother and son praying together in a Church

6 Ways to Help Your Child Connect with God

The present time is the era of unprecedented distraction. With technology being readily available for people at all times, especially for the younger generation, it’s become easier for them to get distracted from the word of God. However, according to statistics, the post-millennial generation is more likely to attend the Church Sunday service than the previous generation.

So, there’s still hope for allowing the word of God to prevail in future generations. But what is our role in all this? What can we do to ensure our children connect with God and stay affiliated with His instructions?

Ways to Help a Child Connect with God

Every individual has a way of connecting with their creator. Some people do this more easily through their environment or daily routines. Others require the assistance of Christian counselling services or utilising their minds to forge their path. The main spiritual route opens up more opportunities for a youngster to engage with religion and God. 

Following are some of the ways that you can make sure your child develops a profound relationship with God and follows His instructions to live a prosperous life:

Teach Them About God

The first and foremost thing for you to do as a parent is to let your child understand the importance of God in our lives. It is essential that they know the presence of God and how much love He’s bestowed upon us. They should recognise that everything we have is by His grace from an early age.

Read the Bible

Bible coaching is important for kids to comprehend God’s instructions for us to live an ideal life. By reading the Bible from a young age, your child will apply what they read to their daily routine, ultimately helping them grow spiritually. Make sure you read the Bible with them, even if it’s one verse every day.

Help Others Together

You can perform modest services together. Compassionate service, whether it’s volunteer work like cleaning the neighbourhood or cooking a meal for a loved one, will develop a sense of spiritual love in your children and move them closer to our Heavenly Father. As Bible says, “When you invest in service of other humans, you invest in service of your God.” (Mosiah 2:17).

Pray Together

If you want to invite God’s grace into your household, attend Christian trips or join Saturday tuition with your children. This will also help all your family come together as one strong family in an unbreakable bond.

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Teach Values

It is your obligation as a parent to instil positive values and ideals in your children. Instil in your children a belief in God. Assist children in distinguishing between good and wrong. Core morals can guide your child to make good decisions, which lead to the presence of God in their life.

Access Christian Youth Camps

Religious youth camps are beneficial for children to learn about religion in a spiritual setting. This is where they can express themselves, put their concerns forward, and get answers from qualified religious leaders.

If you’re looking to send your child to a Christian youth camp, consider House of Mercy UK.

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