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a man praying to God

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With The Lord

Getting closer to God is not only about praying and worshipping. You must also follow His teachings and live your life according to God’s way. Visiting your local church every Sunday and praying every night won’t guarantee a strong relationship with the creator.

Your prayers are of no use if you’re dishonest, lack compassion, practice other bad habits such as gambling, adultery, etc. You’ll never be able to connect to God if you’re not helping those in need around you.

Here are some ways you can foster a great relationship with God.

Offer Prayer

a man praying to God

Communication is essential to growing your relationship with anyone. The same is the case with God. The more you communicate, express yourself, and talk to God via prayers, the stronger your relationship with Him.

As soon as you wake up, make a small prayer and then begin your day. It’ll help strengthen your bond with Jesus, as well as help you throughout the day in miraculous ways.

Listen To Worship Music

Always find time to worship your Lord. Listening to worship music while you’re driving, cleaning, or doing any other task will help turn your heart toward God. You don’t have to sing it along. But instead, allow your heart and mind to feel it and leave a lasting impact on you.

Read Bible As Much As You Can

a person's hands placed on the Bible


Bible is the word of your Lord.  God gave us the Bible so that we could learn more about Him and His creations.  

Bible verses teach us the purpose of this life. Reading the Bible shows us God’s character and helps us discover our next step.

Serve Others

God wants you to love not only Him but also His creations and those around you.  When we serve others, we act as God’s hands and feet in the world, and in the process, we become more like him.

God’s love should overflow from ourselves and into the lives of those around us as we follow His path.

Depart From Evil and Be Righteous

Staying away from evil practices of gluttony, pride, greed, lust, wrath, envy, and sloth will help you get closer to God. God always blesses the righteous people.

Therefore, to ensure that you’re prayers are answered, and that you have a strong relationship with your Lord, you have to be morally right and be a good person.

holy Bible on a stand


If you want to be closer to God and learn more about how you can strengthen your connection with God, visit the House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church. We help you open your heart to God with our Christian youth camps, Friday food bank, Christian counseling, Bible coaching, and other ministries.

Contact us to discover the faith within you.