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5 Distinctive Features of a Church

Going to a church for Sunday service is one of the most common rituals for Christians everywhere. They go for the sermon, the prayers, and the sense of community they feel. What makes these trips more fun is admiring the unique design and structural features of your church.

There are many architectural features of a church that makes it stand out. Many churches in the world are widely popular just because they are beautifully constructed and leave the viewer or visitor in awe.

But apart from all the upgrades and fancy architecture, there are some features in a church that are present in all churches. Let’s have a look at what they are.

A minimalist interior design of a church

1. Direction of Churches

The main elements of churches—altar, sanctuary, etc.—all are built in the east-to-west direction, pointing towards Jerusalem. It’s a highly important city from a religious standpoint because this is where it’s believed that God’s presence was the most powerful.

2. Porch Area

This is a very symbolic area of the church. It acts as the gateway between people and God. Itis a place where people can discover their spiritual purpose by learning about the word of God, praying, and discussing various other religious issues and queries through ministry teaching and bible study.

3. Windows at the End

These windows allow light to shine down onto the altar and symbolize ‘God’s light’ and His ultimate wisdom that shines down upon the church.

Although not all churches have this feature, most churches worldwide that are older constructions still do.

A large church with a Jesus painting on the interior

4. Bells

The ring of the bell acts as a call for people to get settled because the church service is about to begin.

In emergencies like a storm, flood, or any other natural disaster, these bells also serve a greater purpose of sending out warning signals so people can prepare accordingly.

5. Crosses

These are the crucifixes that depict Christ’s sacrifice. These can be on the interior and exterior designs and is the easiest way to identify a church as almost all churches have these.

Churches aren’t just beautiful because of their architecture but also because they can help you establish a deeper connection with God. If you want to get closer to our Lord and Saviour, head on down to HMCA.. We welcome you all happily. Come and be a part of our prayer calls, youth services, prayer vigils, bible coaching, and much more.

Make the connection with God and start your journey towards salvation. Get in touch with us for more guidance.