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4 Ways You Can Make God Proud And Happy Of You

How can we make God happy? Someone who already has everything, how can you make God proud of your existence?

As believers, our aim in life is to please God, mould our lives according to His commandments, and love him passionately. These little things can help us earn the favour of the heavenly Father and make us more dear to him!

Appreciating God's creation can help us make him proud

Here’s how we can run towards God and make our life and the hereafter worth it.

Loving His Creation

John 15:12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

God created the entire universe in just seven days. He adorned the heavens and the earth with his beautiful creations for us to marvel at. If we’re to love Him and make Him happy, we must appreciate the beauty in this world. 

Be it an adorable animal, beautiful trees, or our fellow humans, it’s crucial that we love these things dearly, as our Lord moulded them with so much love. 

Repenting With All Our Heart

Our Father is all-forgiving. 

In the chronicles of David, we witness how King David repents, walks uprightly, and manages to earn his Lord’s favour and blessing.

We need to take home the message that God is ever ready to forgive us, to give us a chance, and help us jump-start our journey back to Him. All we’re required to do is acknowledge His mercy and repent with all our heart!

Calling on to Him

When a child loses his way, it’s the mother that he calls on.

Similarly, we’re lost and don’t know our way back. But we can call onto our heavenly Father and know that he’ll respond and get us back on the right track.

Calling on to God

Whether we’re going through a challenge, struggling to find the right path, or need to receive salvation in this life, we must pray and call onto God to free us of our troubles.

Praying to God is a fail-proof way to make Him happy and proud of us.

Trusting His Plan

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight.”

He knows what we don’t know or don’t understand. He’s chosen us and given us a life according to His eternal plan and purpose. We must trust Him with the process and let Him take control of our lives. As we go by every single day, we must turn to Him, thank Him for His provisions, and continue to put our unwavering trust in Him.

God becomes happy through our little actions. It’s crucial that we actually make an effort to make Him happy.

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