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the phrase, 'be the change' sprayed on an electrical box

4 Reasons Why Giving Back To The Community Is Important

Have you ever wondered why so many people invest their time, energy, and money in making others happy and fulfiling their needs? What drives them? Mentioned are the reasons, why giving back to the community is important.

Nearly 25% of the adult population volunteered their money, energy, time, and talent to make a difference when it was needed the most during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when people were struggling to make ends meet with almost every sector shutting down, they didn’t step back from serving society.

the phrase, 'be the change' sprayed on an electrical box


So what is it that keeps them going?

Continue reading to know why charity and the zeal to give back to society are so gratifying.

Strengthens Your Community

Whether you’re cleaning up the streets or teaching homeless kids, you’re giving back to the community. You’re sharing your knowledge with those who can’t afford to go to school.

You’re making them feel they’re no less. A strong community has a higher quality of life; you’re safer and stronger together.

Adds Meaning to Your Life

By donating or giving back, you know you have a goal and purpose in life. The goal is to help others and make a significant impact on their lives.

a doctor feeding a patient

Helps You Improve Skills or Learn New Ones

Are you interested in arts or want to improve your cooking skills? You can take various courses and classes to learn the skills, but they all come at a cost.

However, volunteering is free! You can help beautify the walls at an orphanage free of cost while learning how to paint. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Improves Your Health

It might sound unusual, but studies have shown that volunteering is highly effective in activating pleasure centers in your brain. Helping others selflessly actually helps make you feel physically healthier by significantly lowering your stress levels.

an elderly man playing with a child with Down syndrome


If you’re looking for ways to volunteer and give back to society, you can reach out to us at House of Mercy Christian Assembly Church. We’re here to make people’s lives easier. We also offer Christian counseling, Bible coaching, Christian youth camps,and more.

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