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4 Powerful Reasons Why Prayer is So Vital to Our Lives

How often does it happen that you’re going through a rough patch, and you let out a silent prayer? Usually, this prayer is instantly answered, and you’re left amazed by God’s glory.

Such is the power of sincere prayer and how it helps us connect to the Holy Father. However, there’s more to worship than just a one-way connection.

prayer can help us transform our lives

We explore the beauty and power of prayer and how it can help us reshape our lives for the better.

Mirroring Jesus and his Actions

Various chapters in the Gospel of Luke denote Jesus and his acts of prayer. He would pray on his own, with his people, and for his people.

But why did he need to pray to the Holy Father?

Jesus prayed out of gratitude to show his submission to the Lord and display his confidence in God’s plan and mercy.

If we’re to walk in Jesus’s footsteps and want to mirror his actions, prayer is the right place to begin.

Reaching out to our Lord

Whether you’re trying to express your gratitude, calling out God for his mercy, or seeking his forgiveness, prayer is just what you need.

It lets us form a connection with the provider of the universe, tell Him of our difficulties, and thank him for all his provisions.

man calling out to Lord in prayer

Reaching out to our Lord was the way of Jesus, and it is indeed the right way for us. When we’re lost in prayer, we feel this unexplainable connection to the Lord of the universe and how He’ll tend to us as he tends to all of His creations.

Bringing Light to Darkness

Whether we’re making prayer out loud, praising the Lord, or calling out to our Lord in silence, prayers are heard. They’re listened to and eventually answered. We might not know or understand God’s plan, but our prayer can give us the satisfaction that God is at work. He has a way figured out for us and is testing us to see if we draw closer to Him or drift away from Him. 

A Change from Within

Prayer isn’t meant to change God. He is ever Knowing and self-sufficient. It is us who need this prayer to feel more confident in His plan.

It is a way to remember Him, recall his commandments, and change our habits and lifestyle to make Him happy. Prayer impacts our lives in unique ways. It makes us more considerate, more optimistic, kinder, and just more satisfied with the blissful life that has been given to us.

With a strong belief in prayer and God, we can move mountains and become a better version of ourselves from the inside out.

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