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Kid reading the Holy Bible

The Benefits of Bible Coaching for Kids

Kids, especially those aged 2-7, have an enhanced ability to learn and retain information. This makes them very quick learners, and they

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The Holy Bible

The Importance of Attending Sunday Service With Your Family

  Sunday service is a formal Christian communal service of worship usually held every week in the church, typically on Sunda

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Kids playing a game

3 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Children to Christian Youth Camps

  Christian youth camps allow children to learn valuable lessons, develop new friendships, and have fun in an outdoor settin

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People reading the Bible in church

What Happens at an All-Night Prayer Vigil

All-night prayer vigils are a service associated with the Eastern Orthodox Church and typically consist of an aggregation of the three c

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Everything You Need To Know About Baptism

Baptism is the outward act that symbolizes the inward phenomenon of coming to and accepting Jesus Christ as real, as God incarnate, as the sacrifici

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people seated in a room

3 Reasons To Consider Christian Counseling

When problems start mounting and make your life tough, a good counselor is just what you need. They’re of great help in dealing with the rough pha

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a group of kids holding a flag at a summer camp

What Happens At Christian Youth Camps?

  Swimming, dancing, aerobics are all summer camp staples that made our school vacations memorable. Teenagers also enjoy attending them

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the phrase, 'be the change' sprayed on an electrical box

4 Reasons Why Giving Back To The Community Is Important

Have you ever wondered why so many people invest their time, energy, and money in making others happy and fulfiling their needs? What drives them? M

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